Are You Tired of Fighting With Your 
Toddler at Bath Time? 
Somehow my kid didn't turn up like those beautiful baby shampoo commercials. 

It was a constant struggle.

We tried everything and nothing worked until we designed Cub in the Tub. 

It's there to help your toddler reduce the fear and stress of having their hair washed!
"If your child has trouble falling asleep, she may be experiencing
daytime stress. Research shows that kids who suffer from "pre-sleep worries" are more likely to suffer from sleep problems, and no wonder: Stress can raise stress hormone levels, making kids feel too alert to sleep." (Dewar,G., Ph.D.)
"Studies of people living in industrialized countries suggest that young children who lack regular bedtimes have more behaviour problems ... In addition, toddlers who stick with regular bedtime routines may sleep longer at night (Dewar,G., Ph.D.)".
Do you know somebody else that just wants to reach for the wine bottle instead of the shampoo bottle every bath time?

Toddlers who stick with regular bedtimes routines sleep longer at night.

Your kid is happier when they have relaxing bath time routines. They are going to go to sleep faster, they are going to sleep better and they might even sleep longer. 

The best part is, no more tears or tantrums for you either!